Die, Bed Bugs, Die!

Die, Bed Bugs, Die!

Learn about our safe, effective bed bug heat treatment in Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, and surrounding areas in PA

Need residential or commercial bed bug removal services? Rely on Main Street Pest Control for a reliable bed bug heat treatment in Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, and surrounding areas in PA. Our team uses a heat cycle to remove all bed bugs in the vicinity. Whether you need treatment for a whole building or specific areas, trust us to make your property bed bug-free.

To learn about our proven bed bug heat treatment process, call 717-329-0100 now.

When you check in, make sure you check out your hotel room

Hotel rooms are an ideal breeding ground for bed bugs because of the high volume of occupants that cycle through. Follow these five steps during your stay to avoid the need for bed bug removal at your home:

  1. Inspect the room for tiny, ink-colored stains on the mattress, on upholstered furniture and behind the headboards.
  2. Check other potential hiding spots on the box spring and behind baseboards, pictures and torn wallpaper.
  3. If you find bed bugs, place your luggage off the floor in the bathroom or on counters away from the bed and wall.
  4. Carefully examine your luggage as you pack and after you get home. Store luggage away from your bed.
  5. Move all dryer-safe clothing straight from your luggage to the dryer for 15+ minutes at the highest setting to kill any hitchhiking bugs.

If there have been complaints about bed bugs at your business, contact Main Street Pest Control in Mechanicsburg, PA today for a bed bug heat treatment.